architectural conservation | paint research | preservation consulting

Richbrook Conservation is a small, independent architectural conservation firm serving owners, curators, and architects on historic landmark buildings. Richbrook Conservation consults on the materials aspects related to restoration, preservation, or conservation of historic buildings, with specialized experience in painted surfaces. We provide conditions assessments, investigations, analyses, research, development and testing of treatment processes as well as documentation and ongoing oversight through the implementation phase of treatment.  Our approach is based on the collaborative spirit, engaging specialized conservators, craftspeople, artisans and contractors who are likewise committed to traditional craft, sound practice, high standards, creative problem-solving, and to the success of the project goal.

As each project site has a unique history, materials, conditions, and deterioration patterns, all tasks and tests are custom-designed to meet the goal of each project.  Richbrook Conservation aims to understand these variable factors, define the criteria for successful treatment or intervention, and design the best solution.